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The Complicated Relationship Between Your Body and Yeast

by Simas

We have all heard of yeast. You know, that ingredient needed to make bread. But it goes way beyond that. Let’s talk about something we bet you didn’t know.

So What Is Yeast?

The short answer is: it’s a fungal infection. Yeasts come in a variety of forms. One type is used to make bread, while the other is used to make beer. Candida is a bacteria that lives inside your body. You can get an infection if it grows out of hand. Skin, feet, mouth, and other yeast infections are all possible. An infection may be more likely to occur if you have a weak immune system.

Yeast Keeps Your Body Well-Oiled

Yeast-rich foods provide a good source of protein and B vitamins. Yeast maintains the health and balance of your digestive system. Your immune system works better when you have the right amount in your body. In your gut, yeast is part of a healthy bacteria mix. It can aid in the absorption of vitamins and minerals from food, and fight disease.

But Be Wary!

A small amount of yeast in your body is beneficial. Infections and other health issues can result from consuming too much. Your body may overgrow yeast if you take antibiotics too frequently or use oral birth control. Gas, bloating, mouth sores, bad breath, a coating on your tongue, or itchy rashes are common side effects.

Yeast Can Get Out of Control

Yeast can overgrow in your body if your immune system isn’t functioning properly. Immune systems can be weaker in babies, the elderly, and people with diseases like diabetes or autoimmune medical conditions. Steroids can also deplete your immune system. Sjogren’s syndrome, an immune system disorder, can increase your risk of yeast infection too.

Yeast is usually to blame for health issues. The most common strain is Candida albicans. However, there are at least 20 species of candida that cause infections in humans. Candida Auris is a relatively new fungus in this family that poses a serious threat. So, making sure the yeast in our body is present in the proper amount is detrimental to our health.

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