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Now It’s Proven — Recycling Makes You Attractive

by Simas

Next time you feel like refreshing your online dating profile, remember to add a line about how environmentally conscious you are. According to a 2018 research, self-proclaimed recyclers are perceived as more attractive than non-recyclers. To put it in numbers, 62 percent of Americans surveyed in the research said they are turned off by people who claim to not recycle. It seems that even adding the two words “I recycle” on a dating app profile could help. The younger generation is more environmentally conscious. They prefer shopping at places that recycle and, apparently, have a similar preference when it comes to romantic partners!

The research also showed that 74% of Americans look into green businesses and prefer them over other businesses that aren’t environmentally friendly. These shopping and consumption habits adopted by young people are great news for our planet, and also for romantic partners who might be like-minded. “This study reinforces what we’re hearing from cities big and small,” says the CEO of The Recycling Partnership. “Americans value recycling and expect that companies producing products should make sure that their products are recyclable and recycled.”

Follow the numbers

Just how environment-friendly is the young generation? Late’s take a look at the numbers, shall we? People ages 18 to 34 years old don’t mind paying up to $219 a month for the sake of green products from green companies. This adds up to a hefty $2,628 a year! Older people, however, don’t seem to mind as much. Among the surveyed, people who are 55 years old or older, don’t pay any special attention to the eco-friendliness factor of the products they purchase or the company that manufactured it. The extra money they are willing to invest in the cause comes down to merely $37 a month.

If it’s so cool, why don’t more people do it?

Now, let’s get real. How many Americans really recycle? The research found that 42% of Americans admit that they don’t recycle enough. There are five main reasons for that: 1. 36% say that they don’t have sufficient space at home for recycling. 2. 30% say it’s inconvenient for them. 3. 19%, say that they don’t recycle because there isn’t enough financial compensation for it. 4. 17% say they simply forget. 5. 13% say they lack knowledge of what can or can’t be recycled.

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